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What is life like in the Netherlands?


I’m a Dutch Life & Legal Coach. I studied Dutch law and took courses in Philosophy at the University of Leiden.  I also completed a pre-master with a literature study on “Happiness”.  And of course had training in Coaching.

After speaking with a friend who is an expat in Leiden, i decided to expand my horizon. I learned that especially people from other countries have questions, because they have taken a big life decision by moving to the Netherlands for work or their relationship.


- How do i manage my new life and the stress i'm experiencing?

- I can't find a job, how do i go about this or at least feel usefull in the meantime?

- Where do i fit in? Can you tell me about Dutch culture?

- Could we practice my Duth a bit?

- I have some legal questions, but don't know where to turn to.


I, myself, was born in Italy because my parents lived there as expats. So i also know a bit about missing another country, even though i am dutch.

This is why i decided to reserve time for those who can benefit from a Dutch Life Coach.

I can give you an inside on Life in the Netherlands, especially in Leiden or The Hague (where i grew up). My knowledge on Philosophy and Coaching can help with issues you may have that come with moving to another country and culture.

My legal background offers a more practical approach in dealing with issues within personal development.

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Or call me for more information at 06 14158961